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I remember how much her realization that she was “never going to be good enough for him” resonated with me when I first watched this movie. She decided to push herself, not to be with him, but to prove him the fuck wrong.

Strong female role models who can still wear pink and love fashion. Yes yes yes.

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Fangirl Challenge: 10 movies [2/10]

Moulin Rouge

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return.

"If it’s called heartache, why does everything hurt?"

It’s like someone splitting you open and sucking all of the air out making you feel like you’re drowning. Like the feeling of regaining consciousness after someone punches you straight in the stomach without you expecting it. It’s like watching everything you’ve worked so hard to build completely fall apart while you standby helplessly chained to a pole. As if your own heart itself was dying, and you could feel it slowly breaking apart piece by piece with absolutely no way to save your own life.

It’s called heartache, but everything hurts.

"You’re not sorry."

- Taylor Swift

—When the one’s you thought would never give up, eventually get fed up, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate yourself and your decisions as a person. Friendship and love only last for a fleeting moment in the end.

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

- Walt Disney

—Faith, trust and pixie dust right? :)

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My experience with the Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor - Review

This is my first real blog post in a while, bear with me as I leap in.

When I think of razor’s, I think back to my very first experience with one.

From kindergarten to my very own 8th grade graduation, I attended the now archaic and all elusive Catholic school - and yes, it’s very much as corrupt as the movies and television shows make it out to be, minus the crazy nuns. I must admit though despite the corruption I did gain various perks attending Catholic school such as: obtaining the life long skill that lying with precision and having nobody find out is okay as long as you go to confession, meeting famous leaders in the Catholic world during field trips (although I couldn’t tell you any of their names), growing up with impeccable manners - or else, and last but not least, never ever having to worry about what to wear for school. While most 11 year old girls were arguing with their mothers about wearing those “cool new platform shoes” that were featured in Spice World, I was arguing with my mother on shaving my legs, that’s right shaving my legs.

Being a Catholic School girl meant knee high socks and skirts. This never proved to be an issue until the boys started paying more attention to the length of our skirts and less attention to religion class (be thankful you most likely never had to sit through religion class). The skill of hiking up your skirt arrives around 5th/6th grade and is handed down to you by generation of older girls like the Holy Grail itself. Most girls opted with the arrive-to-school-and-dash-to-the-bathroom-to-fix-your-skirt maneuver, but bonus points went to those so bold to leave their home with their skirt all ready lifted bypassing parentals. The higher your grade level, the higher your skirt. For the newcomers to the skirt hiking trend, including my 11 year old self, the shorter length skirt brought to light a very real issue - leg hair; and for what ever God only know’s reason, my mother refused to allow me to remove mine at what she claimed was “such a young age”.

So I rebelled.

It started with just the removal of the hairs that would show. Since I was not allowed to obtain my own razor, and using my mothers would be too obvious, I had to move to sneakier tactics - daddy’s razor. He had a Gilette. I recall the hair sliding off effortlessly and feeling my years of youth going down the drain with me follicles. Fast forward to nearly 15 years later, and I still will always use a men’s razor which reminds me of that first day where I shaved my legs in an instance. Throughout the years I had switched from both male to female razors and I always found success with the males. Recently, Influenster asked me to test out the new Venus Embrace Sensitive razor and I can sadly say I was disappointed. While it did do what it was advertized for, keep my skin irritation free, it did not provide a close shave if any shave AT ALL. I had to keep running the razor over my skin multiple times to get any kind of shave. I had hoped that it was a dull razor so I switched out the blades but once more got the same reaction.

I believe though ultimately that razors are like much else in this world, there isn’t one specific kind for everyone because we are all so different. Perhaps for someone with thin hair and sensitive skin this will work wonders, I know for someone with thick hair like myself, men’s razor’s are the way to go. I would definitely recommend this razor though to anyone who has irritated skin as it does provide a lovely lubrication. As for me, I think my gilette men’s will work just fine for years to come as it did on that lonely day in 5th grade!