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#VowVoxBox - Best Box Ever

   Being a part of Influenster the last few months I’ve had the opportunity to test out some pretty incredible products and I can confidently say that this month’s Vow VoxBox has been my favorite box to date! All of the objects located within the packaging seemed like a perfect match for me and my daily style.

1.) Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Barbados - Words cannot express how much I ADORED this color. The season’s hottest shade of blue that is just the right amount of sky blue mixed in with my personal favorite Tiffany blue. The color is bright and fun which is perfect for summer and for those who must have professional colored fingernails such as myself, the color looks great on your toes and gives it a fresh kick! My only issue with this product is the wand being square to put on the polish instead of round (which is typical with Sally Hansen). I find the square a bit more difficult to maneuver personally…

2.) Tide to Go - Need I even say it? A complete essentially necessary for any girl’s purse. Perfect quick fix for those small messes. My main advice though is to play it sage and always remember to wash the stained item shortly after.

3.) EcoTools Pure Complexion Sponge - Unlike most sponges, the EcoTools sponge does not make me feel like I am blotting down my face locking in more oil. Mixed with some soft luke warm water, the sponge made my face feel extra refreshed and is definitely a product I will look into purchasing.

4.) Pure Silk Moisturizing Shave Cream - Ironically enough, this is the shaving cream I already use! That being said, I have nothing but positive reviews for this product. Decently priced and gets the job done. The aloe in the formula helps my legs feel smooth hours long after shaving.

5.) Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream - This was the product I was the most excited about! Dark and even spots have been the bane of my existence for as long as I can remember. Olay has always been one of the top ranked beauty care products for revitalizing skin and I’ve already seen major differences in just 4 days! Cannot wait to see how it turns out at the end of the 8 week program.

6.) Riley & Grey - As I’m not getting married anytime soon (that I know of!) I found this card to be the least relevant to me, but still interesting to look at. A very modern twist on wedding websites and with a great discount code it’ll be something I’ll make sure to recommend to friends.

Did I mention all of these products were COMPLIMENTARY?! As if you needed any other reason to absolutely adore being a part of influenster!


I remember how much her realization that she was “never going to be good enough for him” resonated with me when I first watched this movie. She decided to push herself, not to be with him, but to prove him the fuck wrong.

Strong female role models who can still wear pink and love fashion. Yes yes yes.

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Fangirl Challenge: 10 movies [2/10]

Moulin Rouge

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return.

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"If it’s called heartache, why does everything hurt?"

It’s like someone splitting you open and sucking all of the air out making you feel like you’re drowning. Like the feeling of regaining consciousness after someone punches you straight in the stomach without you expecting it. It’s like watching everything you’ve worked so hard to build completely fall apart while you standby helplessly chained to a pole. As if your own heart itself was dying, and you could feel it slowly breaking apart piece by piece with absolutely no way to save your own life.

It’s called heartache, but everything hurts.

"You’re not sorry."

- Taylor Swift

—When the one’s you thought would never give up, eventually get fed up, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate yourself and your decisions as a person. Friendship and love only last for a fleeting moment in the end.

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

- Walt Disney

—Faith, trust and pixie dust right? :)

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Why did I ever stop loving you?

Why did I ever stop loving you?

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